You’re not just an employee – you’re an owner.

A career at Reading Cooperative Bank means more than just working here. We’re a cooperative, which means that our employees and customers own the bank—not stockholders. So, when you join our team, you’re joining a community. Welcome.

At RCB, we’re one big team. From tellers to loan officers to the people with a “C” in their title, we all work together to make our bank what it is. Senior management sits alongside everyone else, in an open office setting. We’re committed to helping every employee grow and to making internal promotions and cross-department job moves a priority. It’s why so many RCB employees stay with us for so long.

Hear from some of our staff members:

"My manager is very flexible when it comes to accomodating my schedule and helping me produce the highest quality of work."

"I believe and trust the leadership team at RCB. I have the utmost respect for the bank's commitment to its community, its customers, and its employees."

"I enjoy working with everyone here, from tellers to CEO."

"Senior Management make all employees feel like an important part of the organization."

"I feel I have contributed to the success and growth here."

When you work hard, we notice.

Through our Performance Compensation for Stakeholders program, each employee gets an annual percentage bonus based on bank and individual performance. Your title and pay grade don’t dictate the percentage—your hard work does. Meanwhile, every other month we gather for a bank-wide meeting where strategy and results are shared and peers recognize each other for recent accomplishments. Twice a year, awards are given to the employees who most exemplify our values: Customer Service, Contribution to Growth, Collaboration, Community Service.

Great benefits, and then some

RCB offers all the benefits you’d expect: a choice of 4 medical plans to suit your individual needs, dental insurance, a vision care plan, flexible spending accounts, disability insurance, and a 401k. But we also offer generous time off (18-24 days per year, starting on day one), an emergency loan program (up to $1,000 with no interest and no questions asked), tuition assistance (even for part-timers), a $16 minimum wage for starting employees, pet insurance and bereavement, and free financial planning through our partner Lumen Wealth Management.

Learn more about our Employee Emergency Loan here.

All work and no play? No thanks!

We’d say we like to loosen our ties at RCB, but unlike at most banks, men here aren’t required to wear them. We liven up the work week by celebrating things on a whim, like royal weddings and Cinco de Mayo, or even events we make up, like "Fun Dip Friday." Twice a year, employees participate in walking challenges for a little fierce-but-friendly competition. And every summer we close one day at noon for Employee Appreciation Day, when we hit the town for food and games. Woohoo! 

Think local, act local

We sponsor and volunteer at countless events each year, from community trick or treating to volunteering at charity walks to speaking at high schools about finances and career planning. We ask everyone to volunteer at least 8 hours per year, and though it’s not mandatory, most employees find they rack up even more hours.