Our Philosophy

For you. By you.



RCB has been a cooperative since 1886. Our customers actually own the bank right along with us. And, after all these years, we’re just as committed to putting people over profits. We’re a community, not an institution — and that’s what makes us so unique.

So, what does this mean for you, really?
You have a voice. And you matter.
Where’s the proof?

No outside stockholders.
At RCB, the bank isn’t owned by stockholders. It’s owned by our customers who have their money here. So you, our employees and the community always have a say in how things are run, and we don’t have to answer to any outsiders.


An elected Board of Directors
One way you can voice your choice is with our Board of Directors. The board is democratically elected by our customers — each year, board members are voted in to serve a three-year term.


Bylaws that back this up
Employees and customers recently voted to amend our bylaws, making it harder to convert the bank's charter. Now, a super majority and two-thirds of our depositors (customers with checking or savings accounts) are needed for a change to happen.


A foundation that gives back
The Reading Cooperative Charitable Foundation grew out of our original cooperative roots: people joining together to meet the community’s financial needs. Today, the Foundation awards grants for causes like education, the arts, the environment and fighting poverty. Learn more about how we help our communities here.