Want a contactless card? Getting one is easy!

Visit any branch and speak to a banking specialist.

Call customer service at 781-942-5000.

Log in to online banking, click "profile" in the upper-right hand corner, choose "service center", and then request a new debit card (with the color of your choice!) by submitting a secure form. We'll send it right away!


The contactless Reading Cooperative Bank Mastercard© allows for faster, cleaner checkouts and greater security at all the places you shop. It's ideal for Apple Pay® too!


Just Tap & Go®  

Make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your Reading Cooperative Bank contactless-enabled Mastercard® or phone. 

Use your Reading Cooperative Bank contactless-enabled Mastercard© or “device” wherever you see the universal contactless symbol for an easier checkout. Skip the hassle of looking for cash and waiting for change!

You can tap & go at retail stores, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, and transit locations – even taxis and vending machines! 


*If you are replacing your existing card, the card number will change, but pre-authorized recurring payments will still be paid.*