RCB Introduces Contactless Debit Cards

Reading, MA – Reading Cooperative Bank (RCB) is happy to announce that its new Contactless EMV chip card has arrived. These contactless cards allow for a quicker and cleaner checkout. Customers can swipe, insert, tap or wave their cards to make purchases. Using the contactless feature is simple. Once at a checkout terminal, a customer should look for the contactless symbol on the card processing machine, then simply tap the terminal with their card to make a payment. In some cases, a signature or PIN may be required to complete the transaction.

For terminals that are not contactless enabled, transactions can still be completed by inserting or swiping as they would any debit card. Additionally, the cards can be used to withdraw cash or inquire on an account balance at all available ATM’s. Cards are compatible with Online and Mobile Banking for any digital transaction. Within the RCB mobile app, users are able to set alerts and limits while also managing usage. RCB has provided safety tips to help its customers maintain account security, including instructions to not write down the card’s PIN number, to keep the card in a safe place, and to report a lost or stolen card to the bank.

“This just seems like the most appropriate time to add the convenience of a contactless card,” commented Bryan Greenbaum, SVP & Chief Operating Officer of RCB. “Not only is it fast and easy to use, with an extra layer of security, but a touchless checkout really enhances the overall safety of the experience.”

About Reading Cooperative Bank:  
Reading Cooperative Bank is a depositor owned co-operative founded in 1886. This community-centric North Shore financial service provider has branches in Reading, Wilmington, North Reading, Andover, and Burlington. They also operate teaching branches at Northeast Metro Tech in Wakefield (open to the public) and at Reading Memorial High School (students and staff only), as well as an online branch at www.readingcoop.com.  
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